I surren, I surrender

from Youtube

I'm loving this new jamz by Mr Eazi and Simi, if you haven't seen the video. What're you waiting for. They got me hooked on the visualization. LINK TO VID

Funny things men do for ileke idi love.

I recall when I was crushing on a girl, I will go to my then school hostel at the time that man should be sleeping, I so much crush on this girl and would love to just talk for very long hours, however irrelevant the talk was.

On this particular day, I was heading home at midnight after my normal rendezvous, about 15 mins walk.

Then I heard police siren coming my way, I was walking on the road, I didn't have my ID card or any means of identification, I have learnt that some students have been shot on sight because of irregular movement, and I could be jailed and then transferred to the school authority which means that I am so in trouble.
How do I explain to my parents that I surrender to an "18 years old lady" instead of the books I was told to surren to.
My instinct was to hide, I jumped into the gutter just beside me [the gutter], put my phone on silent, and had to chill in a ditch for about 20 mins. I didn't even bother to check if there was something dangerous.

Painful part was, sister that I surren to was just keeping me around for the chats, she has also surren to another broda.


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